Skiing Morning

Once a week, we take a couple hours out of our morning to ski, at the local slopes.

Each spring, Trollhaugen offers a discounted family pass. We are a crowd in and of ourselves, so we take advantage of this.

Last year was a challenging year. I’m a cheap skate and decided to teach the kids to ski – all by myself.

It was all about my expectations. Honestly, it’s still about realistic expectations. But when I was trying to teach skiing, I had to go into each session with the expectation that I was going to be a sweaty mess and I may not be able to walk the next day. 😂

After a few weeks, we graduated from the bunny hills and braved the chair lifts. My youngest still can’t get himself on the chair, by himself. Here I am counting to three and lifting him onto the chair.

This year, we almost exclusively ski the chairlift runs. I am able to drop the twins, at my aunt’s house, for a couple hours. Each kid is able to pick 3 runs. We take turns picking where to ski. That brings us to about 2 hours.

For us, two hours is about right. My oldest kid would love to stay longer, but my five year old is over skiing at about 1.5 hours.

Not to leave out the meek middle child. He was pretty stoked to ‘catch some air’ today. Not sure anyone else would be able to discern any air caught, but he was proud of himself! And so am I! Takes a lot for my ultra cautious child to even think about something kind of dangerous. And that’s ok.