Recently, I participated in a thought provoking conversation.

It all started with a comment, by yours truly, wanting to relay a Bible study topic effectively to my children.

Others couldn’t agree more and it spiraled from there. It landed on how values shouldn’t be taught in schools, should be monitored closely at church and only should be left entirely up to the home life. I couldn’t agree more that values emanate from home life. However, home life communicates our values through where and how we educated/pass on information, where and how we ‘church,’ and with whom we spend time.

It was expressed that schools, public, private or religious should keep all values out and just teach facts.

If only that were possible.

Everything holds ‘value.’ Not only value, as in ‘valuable,’ holding value, but value as religion, faith aspects, or worldview.


Where does that information originate and why does it exist?

All information is a gift from the Creator. A gift to be used to grow His Kingdom through the redemption of Jesus Christ. (Side note – not only does all information emanate from God, but we are all spiritual beings and have a bent, belief, religion/faith – that shines through EVERYTHING we do…)

Either we/students/our kids are learning/education information with a mind set that it is given by God with the intention of using it to reach people, or we’re not.

Unfortunately, the English word “not” is vague. In the words of Scripture, you’re either for God or against him. Again, unfortunately, there is no such thing as middle ground, neutral, sitting on the sidelines, unattached lives. Either we see education and all subject matter interconnected to the Creator and using it to serve Him or we are disconnecting it from Him and connecting it to His enemy. Choose you this day, whom you will serve.

This matter has been dulled and we’ve bought a lie from the enemy – complacency. Jesus has won the war over death and separation, from God, for those who choose to make Jesus Lord of their lives. However, the battle, for peoples’ souls continue. God is not slow in keeping His promises, as some understand slowness, but He is patient, not wanting anyone to perish – be separated from Him.

I think of ‘old school’ battle lines – two armies lined up facing each other. Two hillsides and a valley in-between them. Those who have accepted the Lord as their king are on one side and those who haven’t are on the other.

In my head, I know we are all born as sinful. Yet, in my heart, I’ve bought the satanic/secular philosophy of being ‘born as blank slates.’ I don’t look at my small children and see ‘enemies of God.’ But– That’s how the Apostle Paul defines those who are not apart of God’s kingdom. I’m on Jesus’ side, with my husband and two of my children. The other three are still on the front lines, of the enemy. When I say this out loud – I cry. A messy, ugly cry. I plead with Jesus, I ask what he needs me to do. I see the ‘whites of their eyes’ and I long for them to choose Jesus.

The urgency. Moving past that to a flat out Emergency.

This goes beyond public school, Christian/Private school, or homeschool. Do we understand that information/education/discipleship is given by the Creator. It is woven into a Tapestry of Grace. If separated from Him, it’s automatically attached to His enemy satan. Are we raising our kids to use the info they’re receiving to reach others? Or are we trying to be ‘neutral,’ ‘personal growth and development,’ or ‘cactus religious cult?’ Or do we see information as a gift from Him? To use the extra time we have – not trying to physically survive – to reach others? I don’t… my mindset is slowly changing. Everything I do in life, job, hobby, etc are all vehicles to reach souls.

I do know that nothing is neutral, everything is either for God or against. Be aware, your enemy prowls like a lion seeking whom he may devour. Be aware of the small separation from the One who truly matters.