Minnesota Children’s Museum

Here’s a quick peek into our trip.

We have an MCM membership. Normally, we like to visit once a month. With the rise of Covid, well, it’s interrupted many of life’s normals. Thankfully, the kids were able to do a few of summer’s normal activities, which pushed out our visit to MCM, once it did reopen.

Whether a member or not, reservations are required. It’s a very simple process. Visit https://mcm.org and follow the link to book your visit. We have been blessed with memberships, for several years. Instead of the normal Christmas presents, we’ve asked for experiential presents, such as the Children’s Museum.

Yesterday, we were there for 5 hours. Yes, 5 hours. It’s truly a magical environment.

However, to be frankly honest, I didn’t sleep much the night before. This isn’t up for debate or needing a bazillion comments; I am not a fan of masks. I also don’t like getting in trouble. Keeping three young children in masks is about how you think it would go. (children 5 and under are exempt, from wearing face coverings)

Here’s my tip – for places that allow face shields – bring both and let the kids switch it up. I did. We brought https://www.podiumwear.com/sports/cycling/products/cycling-face-masks/ and shields that I found on Amazon. My oldest kept her shield on the entire time, the twins didn’t need face coverings, the boys did switch back and forth between the two.

Checking in was a breeze. Before we left, I printed out the tickets. When there, they had me scan each barcode and then scan the barcode of my membership. Super easy. They didn’t temp check or anything else uncomfortable.

Beyond that, it was pretty normal. Their indoor playground is closed. A handful of feature items have been removed. The kids only noticed a couple. I didn’t bring up the rest. Being there all day and not even experiencing ‘all the things,’ I’d say is a win.

The best feature, for parents, is the limited number of people allowed into the facility. Normally, that’s my anxiety trigger. Keeping the ducklings together amongst the sea of other ducklings. UGH! This was so relaxed. I could comfortably leave the stroller and engage with one or two of kids, knowing that the others were ok.

This could be, because they are getting older. Some things do get easier with growing children. We are teetering between kids old enough to enjoy the Science Museum and children young enough that Children’s Museum is where it’s at.

To Children’s Museums credit, they offer quite a bit that caters to older children. Children’s new mega legos are amazing. All of my kids loved building and creating. The Museum’s art center is my oldest’s favorite exhibit. Even in the exhibits that are a little young-ish, they offer pieces that can be interesting to older kids, even adults.

All in all, two thumbs up! We’ll be visiting again, soon!

Cascade Falls

As a ‘stay at home adventurist’ this is a gem of an adventure. A short little jaunt down some stairs – to Cascade Falls, a leisurely walk along the St. Croix River, and short/sweet hike up a steep hill. We end our hike at the local Dairy Queen. Besides the DQ, Osceola, WI has cute coffee shops and boutiques to round off the experience.

MN Zoo Adventure Jan 2019

After Christmas break, it’s safe for the homeschoolers to come out of hiding!
Over past Christmases, I’ve been able to convince several family members to ditch the conventional packages and instead gift an experience or a year long membership.
My brother and sister-in-law have gifted a membership to the Minnesota Zoo for the past 6 years! We have had so many fun experiences, discoveries and learning opportunities.
Regardless of how many times we visit or what time of year it may be, we spend a minimum of four hours walking and taking it all in. (Winter is especially fun – walking slowly along the TROPICS Trail!)